If you are involved in a car accident, your health is our top priority. As a St Clair Thai Massage Rehab Centre in Toronto, St Clair Thai Massage Rehab Centre not only provides MVA medical evaluation and MVA medical rehabilitation services but also helps you to obtain coverage through your insurance company. Please contact us to find out what kind of coverage you have.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (commonly abbreviated MVA), which can cause a wide variety of physical injuries and mental trauma. The effects may range from minor to severe. Receiving post-MVA medical evaluation is crucial for a full recovery, as the slightest discomfort after an accident can lead to a debilitating, long-term chronic problem if not addressed properly.

MVA medical that we provide at the Clinic is tailored to the needs of every patient and may involve Physiotherapy, Medical Equipment, Psychological Counselling and more. Please come in for an assessment today!

We are a registered professional rehabilitation center for HCAI (Health Claims for Auto Insurance). Ontario registered doctors and therapists will develop the most professional and most effective rehabilitation treatment plan for you. We can help our clients apply for medical claims from your auto insurance companies.